Episode 3: "Over Easy"
First Aired 10/8/99

After a restless evening, Roger shows up at Lisa’s door. Lisa is still angry about the meeting in Craig Spence’s office about the insurance money from Michael’s death. Roger spots his jacket, that he had lent to a man Roger believes is "Michael" the night before. Roger attempts to talk Lisa into going to Manhattan with him to track Michael down.

Meanwhile, on the upper-east side of Manhattan, Michael emerges from the pool, having held his breath for 6 minutes and 11 seconds. Dr. Theo tells Michael about the nerve-gas attacks and that the unknown terrorist wants $10 million dollars that night. Also, Dr. Theo has volunteered Michael for the job.

Michael is a little stunned by this revelation. He asks if it’s because the nerve-gas does not affect him, but the Doctor tells him that the gas could kill him. The only reason Dr. Theo volunteered him for the job is because he is already "dead".

Michael refuses to accept this reasoning, asking "Can we discuss this, please? Guy to guy? Man to man? Science fair project to scientist?"

Later, in a large room, Michael is asked to climb a ladder. He is handed a contraption by Dr. Theo. Shooting it, it wraps nicely around a beam. Dr. Theo asks him to swing to the other side of the room. Michael tries to protest, but the Doctor simply pulls the ladder out from under Michael. When Michael realizes that he isn’t going to fall, he swings and begins to enjoy it.

At Lisa’s house, Roger has convinced Lisa and they are in Lisa’s car on their way out, when Heather comes home. She gets into the car with Lisa and Roger. They drive off to Manhattan.

At Michael’s townhouse, the agents are talking to Dr. Theo about the drop, while Michael is sitting by himself off to the side. The agents don’t address Michael by his name and refer to him as an object, which irritates Michael. The exchange is to be made at 5:35 at the Franklin Street Station, in a moving subway car, during rush hour.

Meanwhile, the Egg Man, wearing a gas mask, breaks an egg, killing several annoying flies.

Outside, on the street where Michael resides, Lisa’s ready to give up and Roger dead tired. They decide to wait 10 more minutes before leaving.

At 4:52 pm, in Michael’s apartment, Dr. Theo attached a device to Michael chest which will allow them to communicate with each other while Michael makes the drop. Michael tries one last attempt to get out of this insane adventure, but the Doctor is adamant, "Mr. Wiseman, somewhere along the way, have I mistakenly given you the impression that you have a say in what you will and won't do? If I have, please accept my apology. If I tell you your job today is to effect the safe and expeditious transfer of money, unless and until you hear otherwise, your job is the safe and expeditious transfer of money. You are an experiment. My experiment. I will tell you when and what you will do. You are a part of this operation for one reason and one reason only. Any confrontation with any individual using biological agents is highly dangerous work. If we could send a robot down there, we would. You just happen to be the next best thing."

Lisa, Roger and Heather are still in the car, outside Michael’s apartment. Lisa apologizes for making Heather do her homework in the car, when Roger spots action. Police pull up nearby. Michael and Dr. Theo leave Michael’s apartment and an agent hands Michael a briefcase with the bearer bonds worth $10 million.

Lisa and Roger spot Michael and begin to follow the procession of cars to the Franklin Street Station, unknown of the upcoming dangers. Michael gets out at the station, so Lisa, Roger and Heather ditch the car and follow Michael down to the subway.

With no money, Michael simply walks through the gate, remember to push it back into place. At 5:35 pm, a subway train comes screeching into the station and Michael barely makes it on board. And comes face to face with Lisa, Heather and Roger.

Michael, panicking, yells at them to get into the next car, which they do reluctantly and with more than a little confusion. Michael is then ready to deal with the terrorist. He pushes his way through the crowd until he spots a man with a gas mask.

Michael walks over to Egg Man, who’s holding out the egg. Michael starts to hand over the briefcase, when Egg Man starts to drop the egg. Michael, moving quickly, catches the egg before it can hit the floor and crack. The Egg Man runs away. General confusion ensures in the subway.

Dr. Theo is trying to get Michael on the listening device, but Michael has ripped the ear piece out of his ear and thrown it away. Michael is looking for help with the nerve-gas filled egg, when he sees Lisa, Roger and Heather. He begs Lisa to help him, while Roger escorts Heather back up to ground level.

Lisa doesn’t want anything to do with the maniac with the egg, but Michael pleads, "You're the person in the world I trust most. So please take this up to the street give it to a Dr. Theodore Morris. Just ask for him. He'll be up there with the police. And don't ask me why, but whatever you do don't drop it. Don't crack it."

Lisa gives in and takes the egg. Michael leans in and kisses her. They look at each other a moment longer and then Michael take off after the Egg Man.

Upstairs, Dr. Theo is trying to find Michael, when Lisa, Roger and Heather walk around, while Lisa looks for a "Dr. Theodore Morris." Dr. Theo turns when he hears his name and Lisa holds out the egg. An agent takes away the harmful egg, while Dr. Theo pumps Lisa for information about Michael. Lisa tells him that Michael kissed her. Both Roger and Heather are shocked when they hear this. Dr. Theo is none too happy about it either. Dr. Theo tells them that he and Michael are IRS agents.

Climbing up a open grate, Michael climbs back up to ground level. Running down the street, Michael sees the Egg Man on the other side of the street. Using the contraption Dr. Theo gave him earlier that day, Michael swings to the other side of the street, just as the Egg Man gets into a cab. He touches down and runs after the cab. Spotting Lisa’s car, he jumps on top of it, while Lisa is wondering aloud if they’ll ever see Michael again.

Too overwhelmed by this time, Lisa just follows Michael’s directions when he tells her to pull up next to the cab that has the Egg Man in it. He jumps onto the cab, which stops, while Lisa continues forward. The cabbie runs out, while Michael seals the Egg Man and himself into the cab. He breaks the egg and holds his breath, but realizes the Egg Man had been bluffing about the last egg.

The police take the Egg Man away and Dr. Theo gives Michael a compliment for a job well done: "Scientist to science fair project, I'm very proud."

The Doctor tells a disappointed Michael that Lisa, Heather and Roger are going to spend the night a nice hotel while their car is being repaired and that they would be escorted home in the morning. The next morning a trucks delivers Roger’s newly-repaired car from the night. It pulls away as Lisa, Heather and Roger arrive at Lisa’s house. Lisa walks into the house, while Roger, looking in disbelief at the repaired car, walks home.

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