Roger Bender (Gerrit Graham)

NICKNAME: Old Buddy (called that by Michael)
WIFE: Ruth
DAUGHTER: Amanda (away at school)
BEST FRIEND: Michael Wiseman (now dead)
OCCUPATION: Insurance Salesman
BOSS: Craig Spense
EMPLOYER: Grand Empire Insurance
WORKS ON: the 17th floor
CAR: Mercedes
BAD HABITS: smoking cigarettes;
drinks too much;
writes off personal lunches as business expenses
OTHER: Heather's Godfather

Gerrit Graham (Roger Bender)
As known as: Bud T. Chud
Graduated from: Groton School, Groton, Mass. in 1966

Currently, Mr. Graham stars as Roger Bender, side-kick to Michael Wiseman, on CBS's "Now & Again". He did voice-overs in the series "The Critic" and had a role in the ill-fated "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" on TV. Mr. Graham is no stranger to TV and Hollywood. His career spans almost 30 years, with guest-starring turn in many television shows and began his early career in horror/scary movies. He was also "Q" on Star Trek: Voyager.

TV: "The Love Letter" and "Shake, Rattle and Rock!"

MOVIES: "One True Thing", "Demolition High", "My Girl 2", "This Boy's Life" and "The Man with One Red Shoe"

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