School for the "Wise Man"

Not only is Now & Again an enjoyable show to watch, but it's also very informative.

Edge is thrilling and exciting.

Life is a multiple choice test, if you're lucky enough to live in a free country.

You can always smell fear. Always.

Lack of oxygen may damage the brain.

A gun's not much good if you're not willing to use it.

The big secret of life is that everyone dies. Great men die and the world goes on; bad men die and the world goes on.

Dead men don't have anniversaries.

People always try to find a scientific explaination for "unexplained phenomenon."

If you lose everything, then the Department of Social Services can help you.

When it rains, it freakin' monsoons.

Some favorite lessons from 1999:

Nothin' says lovin' like plant life from the oven!

You don't clear a blocked airway by applying pressure to the breasts.

The people on "Behind the Music" on VH-1 are tragic, but kind of inspirational.

"Wow" is better than "nice."

Bad stell is not an act of god; it's an act of negligence.

"Wheel of Fortune" is not educational television.

You shouldn't threaten someone with adult-onset mental illness early in the morning.

The Insurance Commission is in Washington.

Conversation is the business of strining words together.

Consider yourself enlightened.