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From Alex: There is a white and blue mug on Rogers desk from the New York College of Insurance where parts of "Deep in my Heart is a Song" was filmed amd has been on his
desk ever since (possibly as Roger's alma mater mug).

Michael's name may have been "Ben" in the original script.

Episode 5: "The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice" was originally titled "Like a Good Neighbor"

Episode 7: "Pulp Turkey" may have been originally titled "Giving Thanks"

At the end of episode 13, the voice-over told us that Lisa had agreed to meet her date at a restaurant in New York City called Clementine. Strange, then, that she got into a cab at Grand Central and asked to go to 52nd and Madison when Clementine is located on 8th Street and 5th Avenue.

Episode 4: "One for the Money"

Ms. Masters: Ah, Frau Wiseman, es ist mir klar dass sie eine vielzahl en sprachen sprechen!
Lisa: Gesundheit.

Rough Translation:
Ms. Masters: (Ah, Mrs.Wiseman, it is clear that you can speak many languages!)
Lisa: Gesundheit.