(The view incorrectly named Eric Close's show as Once and Again, when it should be Now and Again)

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Eric Close
TV Show: Once and Again, Fridays at 9pm ET

On Once and Again, Eric is a new kind of superhero, created by transplanting the brain of a dead man into the perfect body. Eric says if he could select the brain to be transplanted into his head, he would choose that of his 15-month-old daughter. He would love to see the world through her eyes, because everything seems so new and fresh. Eric also thinks it would be wonderful if kids could remember the first few years of their lives, so they could recall the nurturing, attention and love they were given.

The primetime heartthrob says it's flattering to be considered a hunk, but his wife knows the real deal. The ladies wanted to know the most romantic thing Eric has ever done to win over a woman. He was shooting a show, and his girlfriend at the time was on her way to visit her family in Kansas. Eric was supposed to work an extra week, but the schedule changed. So, he booked himself on the same flight as his girlfriend, in the seat right next to her. He planned to surprise her, and even had a dozen roses sent to the airport ahead of time. Eric showed up for the flight and tried to board the plane early. When he got on, he saw a blond woman and asked her to move, because he was in a rush to get to his seat. The woman turned around, and it was his girlfriend, who had lightened her hair!

Eric also had a few comments about forgiveness, which the ladies talked about in the Hot Topics segment. He doesn't believe in grudges. If someone does you wrong, he says, that person is still going to go on with their life, while you carry that grudge. If you let it go, the burden's off of you.

December 16, 1999