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Toy Story 2, John Goodman and More!


GOODMAN AND AGAIN: John Goodman, who played the the original body holding the brain of the guy played by Eric Close on CBS's Now and Again, is returning to the hit sc-fi series. USA Today reports that Goodman will appear in a February sweeps episode, probably in a flashback to Michael Weisman's life before he was crushed by a subway train.

December 17, 1999

USA Today

Will Goodman turn up 'Again'?

You don't normally kill off the lead character of a show in the pilot episode, unless you're planning to transplant his brain into the superhuman body of a younger man. That's what happened to John Goodman in CBS' Now and Again, a romantic update of '70s hit The Six Million Dollar Man. Goodman will return to the drama (Fridays, 9 ET) in a February sweeps episode that's apparently a flashback to before he was crushed by a subway train. Details are sketchy; producer Glenn Gordon Caron declined to discuss the story line. But Goodman's reappearance as life-insurance salesman Michael Wiseman is said to delve into the chain of events leading to his death, sparked by the promotion of his protege (Chad Lowe) and a subsequent drinking binge.

December 17, 1999