TV Guide Online
By Lauren Kane

John Goodman: Glad to Be Gay!

John Goodman is ready to return to television on a full-time basis.

Goodman, who stars in the new film What Planet Are You From?, says he misses the perks a half-hour sitcom like Roseanne. Goodman tells TV Guide Online, "I'd like to come back because I really miss doing situation comedy. I like [doing] the '22 minutes a week, nobody gets hurt and you get a live audience' deal."

In fact, Goodman recently closed a deal with Fox and the producers of 3rd Rock from the Sun to return to the small screen as, of all things, a gay man. "They pitched an idea, but to be fair we don't have a script yet or a cast. But as I know, I'm going to be gay."

In the meantime though, Goodman is enjoying his recurring cameo role on Now and Again. "I [didn't] know if that was a one time deal. I told the creator last year when I only worked about three or four days on the pilot, and then they threw me in front of a train digitally, bastards! I said, 'You know, if you want me to come back as my identical twin, Skippy, or something, I'd be happy to (return) anytime in the future.' "

Goodman certainly works hard for his money, but don't expect him to add directing to his list of credits any time soon. "I'm too damn lazy. If you want to direct, you've got to work. You've got to bring something to the table. I'm just a lazy boy. I'd rather sit in my recliner and act. Recliner acting."

March 01, 2000