Episode 2: "On the Town"
First Aired 10/1/99

At the New York State Department of Social Services, Lisa trying to get money, since the insurance company hasn't paid yet. The person from Social Services is not very responsive to her. She realizes she will not be getting any help from Social Services.

Across town, in a ring, Michael is doing battle with different combatants at an exhibition. He knocks out one opponent after another, while Senators, who have paid for this project, watch his progress. Afterward, Michael informs Dr. Theo that he has to go to the bathroom. Dr. Theo orders bodyguards to escort Michael home. Michael knocks out some of the bodyguards and runs away. Once he leaves the building and gets on the street, Michael starts to run really fast and outdistances himself from the bodyguards chasing him. One of the bodyguards takes out a gun and tries to aim it at Michael, but realizes Michael is moving too fast to hit him. They go back and report to Dr. Theo. The Senators worry about their missing "top-secret project", but Dr. Theo reassures them. He convinces them to let his team find Michael, quietly.

Michael enters the Grand Empire Insurance building to see Roger and tries to get past the guard at the station. When he can't come up with a name for himself, a security team escorts Michael out of the building, thinking he is crazy.

Meanwhile, at a cybercafe in Soho, The Egg Man prepares to send an email.

Back, outside the Grand Empire Insurance building, Michael gauges the height of the skyscraper and decides to climb up. He takes off his shoes and starts the climb. A passerby stops to stare at him and Michael replies to the unspoken question "I'm a nut."

Climbing up to the 17-th floor, Michael takes off his shirt and uses it to smash through the window. Roger ducks when the glass starts to fly. With a shriek, Roger runs out of the room as Michael falls to the ground, bleeding slightly in different places. Michael starts to talk and Roger hesitantly walks back into his office. Michael tries to convince Roger to drive him to see Lisa and Heather. Roger attempts to give Michael the keys to his car and his shoes, but Michael is adamant. He even relates a story which only Michael and Roger know about, to convince Roger.

Meanwhile, at Lisa's, Heather is helping Lisa get ready for a date. Lisa is worried about dating her attorney, but Heather reassures her, telling Lisa that it's been 7 months since Michael "died".

Michael and Roger have reached Lisa's house. Michael is bare-chested, but is wearing Roger's jacket. He is still bare-footed. Sitting in the car, Roger tries to talk him out of seeing the Wisemans. Michael realizes how he looks at that moment and decides to just "peek, not peep. With a 'k', not a 'p'." They crouch behind a tree, looking into the Wiseman's kitchen.

Lisa and Heather appear at the window, and begin to wash the dishes, playfully. Michael is enraptured, watching them. Suddenly, a limo pulls up outside the door. Michael watches as Lisa leaves for her date. He insists that they follow her. Roger tries to stop him by activating the alarm on the car, but Michael just rips the door off the car.

In the car, as Roger and Michael follow Lisa, Roger figures out who Michael is. Roger believes that Michael is Michael -- reincarnated! Roger is so intent on trying to get Michael to save his soul, they get broad-sided. Michael leaves Roger and follows Lisa by running on the street, barefooted, while Roger is hijacked by mysterious agents.

At the restaurant, Michael watches Lisa's date through the window, from outside.

In a secret government building, people are gathered to hear the latest on the nerve-gas situation. The Mayor's office had received a threat from the Egg Man, demanding $100 million in 72 hours or he will retaliate like he did in Japan and France.

In a dark room of the same building, a blindfolded Roger is being interrogated by Dr. Theo. Roger, thinking Dr. Theo is god, explains who Michael is. The doctor is mildly amused by Roger's reincarnation theory. He puts the fear of god (himself) into Roger and lets him go, when an agent informs Dr. Theo that Michael had been located.

Lisa's date is progressing. Gerald Misenbach takes a slightly tipsy Lisa back to his office, claiming he had "forgotten" something. Lisa tells him that she is not ready to date, since she had been married for 17 years. Gerald tells her he understands and then offers her money. Lisa is astonished to learn that he is married with 2 children. Sobering up quickly, she rejects his money and leaves. She comes back and tell him "Oh, and by the way -- you are fired."

Michael is sitting on the curb outside the building, singing "Groovin'." Lisa walks out and hears the singing. She hands Michael a dollar bill. Taking the bill, Michael looks up and sees Lisa. He gets up, staring at her. She tries to hail a cab, uncomfortable with this strange man staring at her. Michael is so eager to talk to Lisa, that he frightens her a bit. She crosses the street and begins to walk to Grand Central Station. Michael follows her, on his side of the street.

Michael: (calling out) If it'll make you feel any better I could just walk over here on this side of the street you know, for protection. (Beat) Like this. (Lisa ignores him) This way, I could be here for you if you needed me or... (Lisa continues to ignore him) you could just ignore me. Like you're doing. (Beat) How's it going on your side?

Lisa disappears behind a car. Michael climbs on top of an 18-wheeler, to try to find her, when Lisa suddenly calls out to him from below him, on the street. They go to a discount store together, where Lisa buys him a pair of shoes and a tee-shirt.

Later, Michael walks Lisa to Grand Central Station. Lisa confesses that something about Michael is familiar to her, which pleasantly surprises Michael. He tells her he lives in a townhouse at 63rd and Madison. They part with:

Lisa: Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Michael: Thank *you* for taking such good care of me.

Lisa crosses the street, toward Grand Central, forgetting she is still carrying the jacket Michael got from Roger. Michael looks after her a moment and then begins to walk. He is immediately grabbed by a group of men, who cover his mouth. They force him into a truck, while he struggles to get loose. He is surprised to see Dr. Theo on the truck, who indicates that a tracking device had been implanted in Michael's nose. Dr. Theo tells Michael that they have another brain that could, conceivable, be put into Michael's new "body".'

The doctor asks Michael what his decision is and Michael states clearly that he wants to live.

At a hotel in New York that same night, a housekeeping maid knocks on a hotel door. Getting no response, she opens the door and walks into the room, stepping over the "Do Not Disturb" sign, which had fallen to the floor.She opens the door to the bathroom, her arms loaded with towels. She sees a frightening man in a gas mask, drops her towels and begins to scream. The Egg Man, who had been working on his eggs, gets startled and drops one, unleashing the nerve gas. He quickly gathers his things, as the maid coughs and gasps. He runs out of the room, past her dead body. As he runs, he passes more dead bodies in the hallway and sees blood coming out from under the door of the rooms. He gets on the elevator, with more dead bodies in it. The elevator closes...


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