Episode 6: "Nothing to Fear, but Nothing to Fear"
First Aired 11/5/99

Dr. Theo: Fear is a contrary companion. You want to walk; it starts to run. You want to stay; he wants to go. Try to speak up, he steals your voice. Say you want to dance and fear will break your legs. Fear is your boss hogg, your ruler, the man, a siamese twin with your heart in his chest, his hand wrapped around your throat. Fear will sometimes leave the room but never the house. You can always smell him. Always.

Dr. Theo: The most disappointing thing is that the impact of the fall was so great there's really not enough of her brain left for any meaningful study.
Michael: That is a bummer.

Dr. Theo: As someone who's spent years trying to understand how the human mind works, I find this fascinating.
Michael: I know I'm freakin' riveted.

Lisa: I don't know anything about him.
Heather: He lives on 63rd and Madison. He works for the government. He looks like he was made by Mattel. What else do you need to know?

Ruth: Your eyes just lit up. "I know the Heimlich!" you screamed. "I know the Heimlich!"
Roger: I did not scream!
Ruth: She said you couldn't push the waiter out of the way fast enough.
Roger: That's not true.
Ruth: And you don't clear a blocked airway by applying pressure to the breasts.

Heather: Hello? Want to talk about it? I'm from the generation who loved Titanic so you know there's nothing I like better than a good train wreck story.
Lisa: Leonardo never showed. The whole night was nothing but Billy Zane.

Dr. Theo: One woman was found walking naked down Sixth Avenue.
Michael: And you're saying this is a bad thing?

Michael: Get to the point. There may be more naked people out there and we're missing them.

Michael: Look at you. You'd think it was Christmas. A woman died and a man is in a coma. All you can think about is "Whatever the stuff is, why didn't I think of it first?"

Dr. Theo: What was that?
Michael: Sounds like a doorbell. But I can't really be sure since I don't think anyone's ever rung it before. Well, what should we do?
Dr. Theo: I don't know. We're not really set up for visitors.

Michael: Don't take this the wrong way, but you look great.
Lisa: Well, don't take this the wrong way, but all that sweat -- kind of works for you.
Michael: Oh, well, I'll make a point to wear some to dinner.

Michael: Call her.
Dr. Theo: No.
Michael: Call her.
Dr. Theo: No.
Michael: Call her.
Dr. Theo: Mr. Wiseman.
Michael: I'll be your best friend.
Dr. Theo: I *am* your best friend.

Dr. Theo: What makes you think she's still there?
Michael: I know her. She'd wait forever for me.

Michael: I don't get it. You didn't leave her a message.
Dr. Theo: She left 15 minutes ago.
Michael: Oh.
Dr. Theo: What you have to remember is that she wasn't waiting for you.

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