Episode 8: "Pulp Turkey"
First Aired 11/19/99

Lisa: Never let it be said I denied you a smell.

Lisa: Oh, by the way, Roger is coming but there won't be any "Cracklin' Rosie" this year. Ruth has gone to visit Amanda at school in England.
Heather: You see? Already there's stuff to be thankful for.

Dr. Theo: You're to be dressed and ready to go by noon. Shirt, tie, jacket.
Michael: Should I bring my last report card to show everybody?

Dr. Theo: Oh, yes. If you sass my Grandma Pearl tomorrow I will personally open up the stitches in the back of your skull and pull whatever's left of your personality out. Do you understand me?

Dr. Theo: I'm not talking about changing the oil, tightening the fan belt. I'm talking about an appreciation for great engineering and beautiful design. A car like this is a piece of sculpture... a work of art.
Michael: That makes me feel bad.
Dr. Theo: Why?
Michael: I think your art's overheating.

Dr. Theo: Next to you this car is probably the most precious possession I have. I can't abandon it I can't let you hurt it. I'm sorry, but this car means everything to me.
Michael: Have any idea how pathetic that sounds?
Dr. Theo: Some.

Michael: What are you trying to say?
Dr. Theo: No turkey, no stuffing, no pie. No nookie. Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael: Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Dr. Theo: He's on a strict diet.
Heather: I don't see why.
Michael: Neither do I.

Lisa: I have a knife and I am prepared to use it.
Michael: And I was worried you'd never forgive me.

Michael: You're angry and I understand that.
Lisa: You're inconsiderate and I don't.

Heather: Hey, you guys are in the government, right? Aren't you, like, packing? 'Cause if you are, now would be a good time to pull out your heaters and throw down.
Dr. Theo: We are I.R.S. agents. We do not pack.

Lisa: Do you have any idea what's going on up there?
Dr. Theo: No. Not the slightest.

Michael: Oh, that's nothing. Wait till you see the bullets bounce off my chest.

Lisa: Poor Mr. Newman. They just must be beating him to death.
Dr. Theo: I don't even want to think about it.

Heather: I guess I'm thankful I didn't end up some gangster's moll for the rest of my life.
Lisa: I'll second that. I'm just thankful that we're all safe. And what about you, Mr. Newman? What are you thankful for? Mr. Newman?
Michael: I'm thankful the Doc's sitting over there.

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