Michael Wiseman (John Goodman)

The Old Michael
MARRIED TO: Lisa Wiseman
FATHER OF: Heather Wiseman, age 15
MARRIED FOR: 17 years
CAREER: Insurance Salesman
EMPLOYED BY: Grand Empire Insurance
EMPLOYED FOR: 17 years
AGE: 45 years old
FAVORITE BREAKFAST: huevos rancheros
FAVORITE SONG: Groovin' by the Rascals
New Rochelle, New York
CAUSE OF DEATH: hit by an
LOCATION OF DEATH: New York City subway station

Michael Wiseman (Eric Close)
ALIAS: Michael Newman

The New Michael
DEAD FOR: less than a year
PRESENT STATUS: old brain in the body of a bio-engineered super-human
AGE: 26 years old
6 feet tall
WEIGHT: 175 lbs.
PANT MEASUREMENTS: 30' waist, 32' inseam
SHOE SIZE: 10 1/2
FAVORITE SONG: Groovin' by the Rascals
RESIDES: in a townhouse on the east side, at 63rd and Madison
PRESENT CAREER: pretends to work for the IRS

can run 35 miles an hour;
can hold his breath for 6 minutes and 11 seconds;
can knock down wooden doors;
can lift a person with one finger

can not fly;
can not see through people's clothing;
can not go through aluminum doors

loves his wife and daughter;
does not like to kill people;
inoculated with and intravenously-fed over 700 highly-experimental and extraordinarily-promising hormones, steroids and vaccines;
awakened at 6:00 am and "lights out" at 11:00 pm;
does not have access to a phone, newspapers, a calender, or a computer;
might have a tracking device inside him;
may have stitches on the back of his head;
likes to bowl

Eric Close (Michael Wiseman)
Date of Birth: May 24, 1967
Place of Birth: Staten Island, NY
Graduated: USC 1989 with B.A in Commmunications

Mr. Close currently stars in "Now & Again" as Michael Wiseman. He's no stranger to televsion, having portrayed Vin Tanner in "The Magnificent Seven" and John Loengard in "Dark Skies". He was also Officer Billy Griffin in "Sisters", played Brick McKenna in "McKenna" and was also in the short-lived (for TV standards) soap opera "Santa Barbara".

TV: "Stranger Beside Me", "Long Island Fever", "Without Consent", "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" and "Trapped and Deceived"

MOVIES: "The Sky Is Falling" and "American Me"

* Mr. Close is a founding member of "Dreammakers", an LA-based non-profit organization that takes disadvantaged youths on adventure trips.

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