Lisa Wiseman (Margaret Colin)

NICKNAME: Lisee (called that by her husband)
MARRIED TO: Michael Wiseman
MARRIED FOR: 17 years
MOTHER OF: Heather Wiseman, age 15
AGE: late-30's (??)
CAR: Volvo Station Wagon
vegetables, extra cheese and pepperoni
CURRENT HIGHLIGHT: graduated from real estate school
GREATEST MOMENT TO DATE: kissed (new) Michael on subway platform
OTHER: wore an orange-colored dress to her husband's funeral;
makes great spicy pecans for Thanksgiving

Margaret Colin (Lisa Wiseman)
Date of Birth: May 26, 1957
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Colin has been married since 1988 and is the mother of 2 children. Currently, she stars as Lisa Wiseman in "Now & Again". Soon to be released is "The Adventures of Sebastian Cole", where Ms. Colin will play Joan Cole. Ms. Colin blew everyone away on the big screen in "Independence Day" as the spunky Constance Spano, press secretary to the President. She also got to star opposite Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt in "The Devil's Own". Many people might remember Ms. Colin as Rebecca, Tom Selleck's on-again-off-again girlfriend in "Three Men and a Baby". She was recently seen in two made-for-TV-movies: "Hit and Run" and "Swing Vote". Ms. Colin has appeared in other TV series prior to "Now and Again", including "The Wright Verdicts", "Foley Square" & "Sibs". In "Chicago Hope", Ms. Colin played Dr. Karen Antonovich. She portrayed Margo Montgomery Hughes in "As the World Turns" and Paige Madison in "The Edge of Night".

TV: "Good Night", "Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston", "Traveling Man" and "Leg Work".

MOVIES: "Milk and Money", "Amos & Andrew" , "The Butcher's Wife", "Like Father, Like Son", "True Believer" and "Martians Go Home".

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