4/28/03 - Eric Close will be on The Caroline Rhea Show on Thursday, May 8th.

8/1/02 - TV Guide Online: Eric Close: Still Without a Trace of Flab? - There's a lot of pressure that comes with being the strongest man on the planet....

1/19/02 - Now and Again has returned to the Sci-Fi Channel. It is airing Sunday mornings at 10, right after Fantasy Island.

8/14/01 - The Sci-Fi Channel has announced that there will be no more Now & Again reruns airing after August 16th. As to when Now & Again reruns might return, Sci-Fi says that they have not yet set a date for the return of the series. It may be later this year, or it may not be until sometime next year. However, Sci-Fi does still hold the rights to rerun all episodes and they "plan to air them all eventually."

8/1/01 - Now & Again reruns have been picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel and will run Monday through Thursday at 9pm starting August 6th, followed by another recent acquisition, "Earth: Final Conflict." Sci-Fi paid distributor King World about $35,000 apiece for the 22 episodes. The license term is three years.

4/16/01 - Zap2It: Save Our Shows - fans are still angling to get CBS to wrap up Now & Again with a TV movie...

3/21/00 - Glenn Gordon Caron has a new show slated for Fox next fall called "When I Grow Up" about two sparring detectives. It's supposed to be part of making Fox a more women-friendly network. Hmmmm... sounds a lot like "Moonlighting" if you ask me.

7/20/00 - "Now & Again" has been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design. The Emmy Awards will be presented on September 10th and broadcast live on ABC.

7/11/00 - From Wanda at E!Online: I know many of you never-say-die fans are still holding out hope for Now & Again, but unfortunately, the CBS show is dead in the water. A source close to the show told me it was axed because not only did the ratings slip but the executive producer, Glen Gordon Caron, apparently went way overbudget trying to bring back the audience. My advice: Let it go.

6/9/00 - TV Guide Online: Now and Again's Fans Revolt!

6/7/00 - "Now and Again" was a big winner at last Tuesday's 26th annual Saturn Awards recognizing the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror. The show won Best Network Series, Best Television Actress for Margaret Colin and Best Supporting Actor for Television for Dennis Haysbert.

6/2/00 - Heather Matarazzo and Emmanuelle Chriqui have agreed to star in Todd Solondz's new film for New Line Cinema. Matarazzo will play Kendra, a neurotic high school student, in the movie about the pressures of fitting in at high school and college. Other stars include James Van Der Beek ("Dawson's Creek") and Selma Blair ("Zoe...").

5/24/00 - Eric Close turns 33 today. Happy Birthday!

5/23/00 - "Now and Again" is not on CBS's fall schedule, although there are still some rumors floating around that it could come back midseason, but it doesn't look promising.

5/13/00 - Entertainment Weekly Online: EW Online picks five quality shows that deserve a time slot. Bruce Fretts names the series that's as good as "The Sopranos."

4/4/00 - "Now & Again" has been nominated for five (yeah, FIVE!) Saturn Awards: Best Network Show, Best Actor on TV (Eric Close), Best Actress on TV (Margaret Colin), Best Supporting Actor on TV (Dennis Haysbert) and Best Supporting Actress on TV (Heather Matarazzo).

3/17/00 3/8/00 3/6/00 - More information about John Goodman's new series: "TV Dad returns"

3/5/00 - Wanda at E!Online votes for Eric Close and Margaret Colin as most romantic couple. Read all about it.

2/23/00 2/18/00 2/11/00 - John Goodman is in negotiations to star in a fall sitcom on Fox. Goodman would play a single dad who lives with another single dad and their teenage kids. Fox has already ordered 13 episodes of the family-fare project. TV couple Bonnie & Terry Turner ("3rd Rock From the Sun") have signed on to write and exec-produce the series, which is being developed at Carsey-Werner (where "Roseanne" was created).

1/30/00 1/9/00 1/6/00 - TV Guide Close-Up on January 14th episode, titled "Disco Inferno" and info about Glenn Gordon Caron.

1/5/2000 12/28/99 - USA Today article about Margaret Colin.

12/26/99 12/22/99 12/20/99 12/17/99 - John Goodman may be coming back during February sweeps, playing Michael Wiseman again.

12/16/99 12/15/99 12/13/99 - Heather Matarazzo interview in Teen Celebrity magazine.

12/6/99 - Eric Close answers fans questions at E! Online's Starboards.

12/5/99 - Eric Close is on the cover of "Best of TV Crosswords", with a crossword puzzle dedicated to Now and Again. To solve the puzzle, click here.

12/5/99 - Eric Close's interview in the 12/13/99 issue of People Magazine: Bionic Twist.

12/5/99 - Gerrit Graham is featured in a 6-page article in the January 2000 issue of Starlog Magazine.

12/3/99 - Paramount has a new website for Now & Again.

11/26/99 - Eric Close's interview in the 11/26/99 issue of Entertainment Weekly: 'Close' Encounters.

11/26/99 - Glenn Gordon Caron article in the 11/26/99 issue of Entertainment Weekly: Now & Glenn.